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Monday, June 30, 2014

Whole30 Challenge Day 29

Welcome to a very wet Monday! We had a significant storm system move through our area this afternoon, dropping 2 1/2" in 90 minutes.

Before the storm hit, we also tried a new experiment: taking a 19-month old to the movies. That was probably more disastrous than the storm. Thankfully there was only one other man there with his 3- or 4-year old daughter. Lukas didn't want to sit still for most of the movie, and when we tried to get him to do so, he fussed quite a bit. Oh well, lesson learned. At least there aren't that many good movies out there anyway so we won't feel like we're missing a lot by not going, just the two of us or with Lukas in tow.

Unfortunately, it is again late as I write this, so I'd better give you the menu or today and then get to bed.

Egg casserole (green and red onion, mushroom, mini sweet pepper, black olives, Italian sausage, and ground pork)

Green salad with chicken pieces (I don't remember the exact ingredients I used for the chicken, though I know I used red wine vinegar) and a little homemade mayo for dressing

Zucchini and ground beef
Grape tomatoes, green pepper slices, cucumber slices

Tomorrow starts a long week at work, and it is also the last day of the challenge. Wednesday I am going to have a piece of cake from my sister-in-law's graduation party, and then I plan to go back to a strict Whole30 Plan for probably at least 2 more months to hopefully break the sugar cravings more completely. As it is, I know eating the cake will be risky, but I think it's one time I can indulge a little. However, even with a month under my belt, I find that sugary treats are still rather appealing, and I want to kick that in the pants before reintroducing other nutritional variables.

Have a great day, and look forward to future updates!

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  1. Hello, Joe! An Internet friend of Abi's here. :) I enjoyed following your Whole30 journey, especially as the diet has intrigued me for a while — to the extent I knew just where to direct your wife for recipes, though not to the extent I've ever attempted them myself. I do want to try Whole30 someday, as sugar is a similar nemesis for me. For the moment that goal is on hold as I currently cook for a husband, toddler, and mother-in-law who are all basically anti-vegetable, and juggling a baby I simply couldn't manage the preparation of two separate meals every night (Whole30-compliant for me, a from-scratch carb-heavy for them).

    I'm curious about Abi's Whole30 results/review! :)