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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Whole30 Challenge Day 23

Ah, Tuesday. Only 7 days left of this experiment. We're still discussing what and how much to reintroduce when the month is over. Abi has told she feels more like she can maintain this type of meal plan over sticking with a regular exercise regimen as she gets easily bored with exercising. Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Since it's getting late again, I'll just get right to the food and catch you again tomorrow.

Scrambled eggs with green onion, mini sweet peppers, and ground pork
Monkey salad

Leftover fish
Cabbage salad with homemade mayo
Leftover coconut creamed kale
1 apple

Grilled hamburger on a leaf of Napa cabbage
Green beans
Green salad with homemade mayo

Coconut milk, fresh peach, and frozen banana smoothie

Hopefully I can get a little bit of stuff done yet tonight before bed. Guess I'd better check out of here if that's going to happen. Later!

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