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Monday, May 20, 2013

The weather can't stop you when you exercise indoors...

It's raining at a good clip outside, and there's a fair amount of lightning and thunder. However, I am nice and dry--relatively speaking--here in my apartment. One more strength training workout under my belt, one more day of getting a bit stronger.

It's fun to look back over the last few weeks and see my numbers increasing. On May 1st, I could only do 8 chair dips with a good deal of struggling. Today I did 10 with little trouble. Today, too, I was able to do the narrow push-ups without widening my foot stance. And my squats seemed to get a little deeper with my back a little straighter.

I'm enjoying this evening, especially since I was able to get to sleep almost immediately after getting home this morning and thus could wake at 6:30 PM without feeling too tired. I could almost take a nap now, but that's mostly post-exercise tiredness and it should pass as soon as I get a little something to eat.

Isn't it fun to improve your overall health? Remember, though, not to neglect the most important things in life: God first, family second. No goal, no matter how admirable, is worth jeopardizing the priorities of God and family.

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