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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keep it going!

What's this? Two blog posts in one day? Well, that's what happens when I exercise so late in the day. It's good for you, though, right?

Cardio and abs tonight, and it went better than it has been lately. I guess I could finally be getting used to the workout. That's encouraging. I've been finding out, though, that I might need different shoes for this workout. All I have by way of exercise shoes are my running shoes, and I think they're too tight for lateral movements (they work great for running in a straight line). My feet often get sore during the cardio workout, and I've gotten to the point that I take off my shoes after the initial stretch and power yoga routine. Unfortunately, I don't have funds for nice shoes right now, so I'm just going to put up with the situation as it stands.

I'm still noticing slight change to my overall body composition. My arms are a bit more defined, and I think my waist is trimming up ever so slightly. I'm looking forward to seeing continued progress. Eventually I'll even get around to getting some pictures posted on here.

Have a great night wherever you are. There's still time to squeeze in a quick workout before you go to bed!

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