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Friday, May 24, 2013

One more down!

Due to a messed up sleep schedule and other things, I didn't get a cardio/ab workout in yesterday. Rather than beat myself up for that, I got busy tonight and did my strength training routine. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I upped the weight for all of the exercises (except Lawnmower, which I had increased on Wednesday). The Bicep 21 exercise was quite difficult, especially the third portion where I had to do 7 full curls. But I made it through and feel great as a result.

I can tell I have a bit of increased flexibility in my hamstrings as I was able to do the bent over stretches with straighter legs and overall better results today. That's amazing to me, and I look forward to continued progress. I did a bit of foam rolling to work on my IT bands, too, and I think that has helped me feel better tonight.

We're grilling out tonight, and as that is my department, I have to get downstairs and get to it. Good luck with your own endeavors today.

For fitness!

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