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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A little late-night workout...

It's been a busy couple of days filled with errands and getting to bed rather late (for me): 1 PM Thursday, 3 PM Friday. I ended up not getting in a workout Thursday night/Friday morning, but I managed to do my strength training session from Friday, although it was technically Saturday morning when I did it. My plan is to get to bed at a more normal time (between 7 and 9 AM) and get up early enough to do my cardio/abs routine before going to work.

It was a good workout, though, regardless of the time it took place. I'm definitely feeling stronger. A few more weeks of this, and I've got a good feeling about the direction in which I'll be headed.

And, since you've been so patient, here are a few pictures. These were taken pretty much right after my workout, so my upper arms especially were more tense than they would be normally (just stating this in the interest of full disclosure). Also, I think it was just the angle at which I was standing that makes my back look so crooked, though I am overdue for a chiropractic adjustment. The top picture in both poses is me in a relaxed state, the bottom is of me flexing my arms. Not a huge difference, but I'm for sure seeing progress. I've said it before, my midsection is my biggest visible weak spot, but that's just going to take time to correct. The last numbers I saw, I was carrying around roughly 80 pounds of fat in my body, and that's a ton of calories to burn!

Happy Saturday to you all! Be sure to do something nice for your moms tomorrow.


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