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Friday, July 13, 2012

C25K Week 9 Day 3

Well, I did it. The C25K program has now been completed. It's a tremendous feeling, and I look forward to building on my success starting next week with the Gateway to 8K program.

As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I upped my speed some in this workout, and it yielded some impressive dividends.

Here's the breakdown for today:
0.00-5.00 - 3.7 mph
5.00-15.00 - 4.9 mph
15.00-25.00 - 5.0 mph
25.00-30.00 - 5.5 mph
30.00-33.00 - 6.0 mph
33.00-34.00 - 6.5 mph
34.00-35.00 - 7.0 mph
35.00-40.00 - 3.7 mph

I went a total distance of 3.25 miles, and netted a pace of 12:18. This is my fastest pace to date, as well as the highest distance in one workout.

Hope your Friday has seen some activity. Enjoy your weekend, and get moving!

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