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Monday, August 12, 2013

A mid-morning run to start the week...

Welcome to a new week! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. My family certainly did. My dad and step-mom were down for a visit, which is always fun. We ate out a lot, which is also fun, but not necessarily conducive to good health. Abi and I will have to find other ways to do special things for a while, because I definitely don't need any more food from restaurants for a good long while.

I will try to remember to weigh myself each Monday and give the number when I put up my post. Not that weight alone is a sufficient measure of health, but it's a number to track, and I like tracking things. Plus, it's quicker than taking body measurements every week, though I will be doing that along the way, too. Anyway, this morning I rocked the scale at 233 pounds. Depending on fat loss and muscle gain, I'd like to be anywhere between 180 and 195, so there's quite a bit of progress to be made.

And on to the workout for today. Because I get home so incredibly late if I use the gym after work, and the lack of handy shower facilities at work makes me not want to exercise on my way in, Abi and I talked about it and I decided I could make myself run outside in my neighborhood. It's not the most enjoyable area, not super pretty, but it's right out the door. Plus, this way I can get up and get going with relative ease and still be back and cleaned up before lunch. Not a bad deal, really.

I've used Robert Ullrey's podcasts in the past, but they weren't on my computer and I didn't want to take the time to download them again. This time around, I'm using the Podrunner Intervals files by dj steve. In both cases, the music is generally electric/techno, which is fun to listen to while running. A note about using Ullrey's music: for whatever reason, the Week 4 file will show up under your Podcast menu, while the other 8 files will be listed in your Music menu. It took me about half an hour the first time I used it to figure out what was going on. I started today with Week 3 of the intervals after how things went Wednesday night last week at the gym. We'll see how that works out for me.

Today, then, I hit 1.72 miles according to the GPS, all in 24 minutes, 19 seconds. The GPS lost the signal a couple of times, but I think the numbers are basically right. To fix this problem in the future, I've got an idea of the stretch of road where I need to run on the other side to avoid interference from the trees. It's overcast today, too, which I suppose could have an effect. Anyway, this comes out to a 14:08 pace. That works out to running a 5K in 43 minutes, 49.8 seconds for those of you who care. My goal is to get down to a 12-minute pace by the November race.

Happy health to you all! Maybe I'll see you out there.

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