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Saturday, August 17, 2013

A change in plans...

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to exercise (and oh how I wish I was so much more flexible than I am now!). Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it out of town with my family, so I didn't get out for my run like I'd hoped. Rather than push my running back, I decided to get my third day in for this week and save the bike ride for another time.

Also, instead of running around my neighborhood, I packed up my family and we went to Gray's Lake here in Des Moines. There's a paved trail around the lake that is almost exactly 2 miles long, and it is considerably flatter overall than the area immediately around where I live. I think this, coupled with a gorgeous 80 degrees, helped me log 1.88 miles in 23 minutes, 30 seconds, which is a 12:30 pace. It was quite exciting to see the results at the end, and gratifying to know I made it almost the entire way around the lake in much less than half an hour. If my family can get into some sort of routine, I think it would be beneficial to run at Gray's Lake on all of my running days. I know my wife would appreciate it because it would give her a chance and an excuse to get out and do some walking herself.

I have a training thing at work on Monday and need to be there at noon, which could be somewhat limiting for a workout that morning. I will probably go through the body weight circuit. I'm also going to do my running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday next week. I might keep that schedule since most Saturdays we can more easily get to the park.

I hope you're enjoying your day today and getting what you can out of it. It is a blessed day!

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