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Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's a warm one!

I got up and on my way early today, unfortunately having to leave Abi and Lukas at home. It's a good thing I did, though, because even at 10:30 when I got started it was 82 degrees, and it hit 86 by the time I was done. With a high of 97 for Saturday, I'm not sure what my plan of action is going to be. I'm either going to have to get up super early or head to work and use the treadmill.

One thing I've noticed about running outside rather than inside is that I'm picking up a bit of color. Or, rather, I'm making my arms appear more even in tone. Since I have to spend at least 20 minutes driving to work each day and I generally do all of the driving when we're out as a family, my left arm tends to tan while my right stays pretty much my regular skin tone. There is still a difference, but it's not as noticeable now.

And I forgot to do my ab exercises on Tuesday but remembered today. This time I was able to go through all ten moves and hit ten reps each. Part of it may have been having time to recover a bit from the run on my drive home from the park. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I was able to do the routine and look forward to keeping it a part of my regular regimen.

I hit 2.63 miles in 32 minutes today, which is a 12:10 pace and a bit of an improvement over Tuesday's run. Assuming I can get outside Saturday, I'll get a good feel for how I'm improving overall.

Next week's schedule might be a bit different. Our church is planning a bike ride for Saturday, 9/14, which would normally be a running day. The ride is scheduled to start at 9 AM, which will be a stretch for my family to make it there in time (Abi won't be riding as she doesn't have a bike, so it would be nice if there were at least one or two people there to chat with, unless she does laps around the lake while we're gone). My options are to hit two days in a row next week (Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday), move my entire schedule to M/W/F (giving me only one day off between this week and next), or hitting the treadmill after work on Friday and getting a short night of sleep to get out for the ride in time. I'll let you know what I decide once I've made a decision.

Until then, keep at it!

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