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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can't keep me down!

I woke up yesterday with a drippy nose that has now become what appears to be a full-blown cold. Lovely! This morning I woke up after a reasonable night of rest wanting nothing more than to go back to bed. Unfortunately, life doesn't always give us such options (I considered calling in sick, but with low staffing levels at work, I figured I could tough it out).

Abi and Lukas both had an appointment with the chiropractor today, so I drove them there. By the time we got back, I still wasn't sure I wanted to do my exercises, but with a little nudging from Abi and a little psyching up from me, I got in and got it done.

I managed much better than I thought I would, and I'm glad I didn't skip the workout now. A post I saw yesterday from Nerd Fitness spoke to this same kind of issue, basically saying that some days you have to dig in and just do what you need to do. Sure, you might need to adapt a bit to your situation (like running on a treadmill indoors when it's 105), but with each day you skip a workout, it's easier to skip the next until you're not doing anything at all.

Based on how I felt during my workout today, I've already planned an increase in weight for a few of the exercises. Not much, only 2.5 pounds, but it should be enough to make a difference in how the workout goes.

Have fun doing whatever it is that you're doing today!

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