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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

C25K Week 3 Day 2

It's a great day for running! I admit, some days it's difficult to get excited about actually going to the gym, but once I'm there and moving, I'm always glad I went. I didn't have too much trouble getting there this afternoon, but hey, I can always find something else to do if I really want to. I'm glad my wife is eager to go, too, so she can get some exercise in during these last few weeks of pregnancy...it's a great motivation for me.

Continuing on with the C25K program, here's how it all broke down today:

0.00-5.00 - 3.5 mph
5.00-6.30 - 6.6 mph
6.30-8.00 - 4.0 mph
8.00-11.00 - 6.6 mph
11.00-14.00 - 4.0 mph
14.00-15.30 - 6.6 mph
15.30-17.00 - 4.0 mph
17.00-20.00 - 6.6 mph
20.00-23.00 - 4.0 mph
23.00-28.00 - 3.5 mph

I squeaked out 2.17 miles for a 12:54 pace. Friday will likely see a bit of a break in the pattern from the last two weeks as I highly doubt I will be able to maintain 8.0 mph for 3 minutes at the end. However, I will do what I'm able to do, as I'm always looking to do better in the future.

Get out and get some activity in yourself if you're able today. I know you'll thank yourself for it!

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