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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Running workout

I didn't get around to posting this yesterday, but my workout was from yesterday, Friday, October 5th. Abi and I went to the gym for some walking and jogging and I really enjoyed it.

I tried some sprints and think they went well. After a five-minute warm-up, I jogged at 5.5 mph for 1 minute, then 7.5 mph for 1 minute. I did this four times. Then I alternated walking and jogging, ending with 3 minutes of a cooldown walk. Overall, I covered 2.04 miles in 25 minutes.

I am thinking to start the C25K program over again as I've definitely lost endurance, but this time around I'll hit some higher speeds for the first few weeks to hopefully increase my pace in the second half of the regimen.

Some exciting news is that I bought new running shoes today! I had purchased a pair from The Running Room in Rochester, MN last year in May or so. I think the shoes I bought today are going to serve me better as they seem to fit better and definitely have more cushion. I went to Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny, IA, and I think they did a better job of evaluating me before selecting a few shoes for me to try and ultimately sending me on my way. I'll have a better idea of how these shoes will work after I get a workout or two in. The nice thing is that if I run on the treadmill, I can get a few miles of use out of the shoes and then return them for something else if there's an issue.

Hopefully you've had a chance to get some exercising in recently. Have a great weekend!

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