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Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I mentioned last week, I have decided to get into P90X again. Tonight will be my first night into it this time around. I will be taking it SLOWLY so as to not injure my back again. I don't know if P90X was the cause of my disc herniation or if it was what pushed me over, but in any case, I don't want to risk that sort of hurt again. I'm going to keep the weight light and the reps using the band minimal for this first week as my body adjusts. As great as I think this program is, I am not wanting to use it as a once-for-all solution to my weight management goals. Rather, I see this as a way to get into the best possible shape I can over the next three months and then go from there.

I am hoping to manage 2-4 days a week of some light running, too, to keep up with that end of things. Abi wants to be able to get out and do some walking so she can continue to feel well, too, especially as she is in the third trimester now.

I weighed myself tonight, and I came in at 223.6 pounds. That's only 2.4 pounds heavier than my last update on July 23rd. I had feared I had gained more than that, so I'm quite happy, especially considering I didn't do nearly so well with healthy food choices the three weeks I was on the overnight shift.

I had Abi take some new pictures today, too, for a bit of a baseline.

The shorts I'm wearing in these pictures are different (and smaller) than the ones from my previous updates. These are a 36-inch waist while the others were 38-inch. I thought they would make a better dramatic presentation for comparison a few months from now.

Well, I need to get the spare room in order so I can do my exercises, and I want to try and get a thermos of water finished an hour before I get started on the program, so I'm going to have to go for now. I'll be back to let everyone know how it went.

As always, I hope you're finding time to get some movement in your days!

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