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Monday, April 15, 2013

A change in focus...

Hello faithful readers!

Well, I decided that I needed to make a change in my approach to my exercise plans. As much as I am looking forward to not only completing the C25K program (as well as the Gateway to 8K and Freeway to 10K programs), what I need at this point in time is an overall fitness routine that will help me strengthen my core and low back, tone the rest of my muscles, and shed pounds and inches from my waist. With that in mind, I've decided to embark on the Power 90 program from Beachbody. I've had this program for a while and used it for a month or so shortly after getting married in 2010, and while I started seeing results in that short period of time, I allowed work and other things to distract me from keeping up with it.

Don't worry, I plan to return to running at some point, though that will probably be at least a few months down the road. What I like about Power 90 (and P90X, if I can ever get my body to the point that it will tolerate me using that program again) is that there is a set routine and schedule that makes up a six-day week. And when I purchased these programs, I got three levels of the Power 90 series, so I will be able to build and (ideally) not hit too many plateaus.

Today, then, I did the Level 1-2 Sculpt workout, which is a strength training regimen. Push-ups and dips are easily my downfall in this routine. I have adjustable dumbbells and picked 7.5 pounds to be my weight for today. There were several exercises where I could have gone heavier, but it's my first day using weights in a while, and I know that if I'd tried to do more I would really pay for it in 48-72 hours.

As I'm sure I've said elsewhere on this blog, keeping active is the more important aspect of living a healthier lifestyle, so I don't feel too bad about changing goals right now.

Random question of the day: What muscle do you want to train the most, and why?

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  1. For me, I want to strengthen my back and core the most. I've decided to start running/riding my bike to work and back to help get regular exercise in.