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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Slow starts are better than no starts...

It's been a few days since I exercised last, so today's workout was both invigorating and challenging. I have to admit that discipline on the days I don't work is lacking, and unfortunately not even my wife is always able to convince me to get moving.

Since I've got a bit of a goofy schedule going on, I decided to start my six-day cycle of Power 90 today rather than Monday, which would be my normal start day. Tomorrow will be a challenge because of church, but I should be able to fit my workout in. And if I keep to my schedule, a workout Thursday morning before hitting the road with my family to visit friends in Springfield, MO, will be just the thing I need.

Today's workout, then, was the strength training session for Power 90. It's a lot of fun to finish up the workout and have muscles that are still quite full from being used. My triceps in particular feel very solid.

And with that checked off my list for today, I should try to do a little writing before going to bed. Good luck in all of your exercise endeavors today!

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