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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

C25K Week 7 Day 1

I got a bit of a late start this week on my running as I was dealing with some sort of sickness on Monday and didn't want to push it Tuesday, even though I was feeling quite good by then. So I got over to the gym today around noon to kick off my seventh week of the C25K program. It was tough today, probably due to some residual weakness from being sick, but I pushed forward and made it through.

Today's numbers:
0.00-5.00 - 3.6 mph
5.00-30.00 - 5.0 mph
30.00-35.00 - 3.6 mph

I made it a distance of 2.67 miles, which is a 13:05 pace. I have this same workout two more times this week, probably Thursday night after work and Saturday afternoon.

Are you getting your move on?

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