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Saturday, June 9, 2012

C25K Week 4 Day 3

I managed to get to the gym this evening with just enough time for my workout before they closed. I took my wife to the Farmer's Market in downtown Des Moines today, which is when I normally would have gone running, and while I was down there I had almost 2 gyros and three pieces of chicken kabob, so when we got home from the market I wasn't in any condition to do my workout. Plus I was tired after several short nights in a row, and ended up taking at least a 2-hour nap. I'm still a little tired now at almost 8 PM, so I should sleep well tonight.

Today's intervals:
0.00-5.00 - 3.6 mph
5.00-8.00 - 5.7 mph
8.00-9.30 - 3.6 mph
9.30-14.30 - 5.7 mph
14.30-17.00 - 3.6 mph
17.00-20.00 - 5.7 mph
20.00-21.30 - 3.6 mph
21.30-22.30 - 5.7 mph
22.30-23.30 - 5.8 mph
23.30-24.30 - 5.7 mph
24.30-25.30 - 5.8 mph
25.30-26.30 - 6.0 mph
26.30-29.00 - 3.5 mph
29.00-34.00 - 3.0 mph

I hit a distance of 2.58 miles, which works out to a 13:10 mile. I'm getting close to breaking a 13:00 mile, which is pretty exciting!

Next week starts two weeks in a row where the program is different every day. Three 5-minute jogs the first day, two 8-minute jogs the second, and a solid 20-minute jog the third. I'm expecting my distance to go down a little bit as I don't want to push too fast and conk out before finishing.

What activities have you done today?

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