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Thursday, May 17, 2012

C25K Week 1 Day 2

Week One, Day Two, of the C25K program completed. I'm feeling quite good at the moment, and probably could have pushed myself a little harder during the workout today, but I was doing some reading last night about training to run on treadmills and a piece of advice was that if you are capable of running slower, then you are running too fast. Another tidbit was that speed comes with time. As such, I backed off on the speed a little bit compared to Tuesday. I don't want to overdo it at this point.

Here are my stats for today:
0.00-5.00 - 3.5 mph
5.00-6.00 - 5.5 mph
6.00-7.30 - 3.5 mph
7.30-8.30 - 5.5 mph
8.30-10.00 - 3.5 mph
10.00-11.00 - 5.5 mph
11.00-12.30 - 3.5 mph
12.30-13.30 - 5.5 mph
13.30-15.00 - 3.5 mph
15.00-16.00 - 5.5 mph
16.00-17.30 - 3.5 mph
17.30-18.30 - 5.5 mph
18.30-20.00 - 3.5 mph
20.00-21.00 - 5.5 mph
21.00-22.30 - 3.5 mph
22.30-23.30 - 5.5 mph
23.30-25.00 - 3.5 mph
25.00-30.00 - 3.0 mph

This dropped my distance down to 1.97 miles in 30 minutes, a 15:14 mile pace, but that's okay. I'm looking to be in this for the long haul. I had a bit of time on my hands last night at work and made a spreadsheet with all of the intervals broken down into start and end times, not only for the C25K program but for two programs that go further, the Gateway to 8K and Freeway to 10K programs (you can find information about them towards the bottom of the page at www.c25k.com). Both of those programs are 10 weeks in length, which means I will need 28 more weeks to get through all three regimens. That will be good timing as my wife is due in early December. And, by sticking with it, I'll be in probably the best shape of my life...or at least the last 10 years.

Today is a great day to start moving if you haven't been already.

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