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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beyond Whole30...

Hi there, everyone! I have the privilege of writing to you as I have some downtime at work. It's been a long day, and I still have about 45 minutes to go. Hopefully I can get my coworkers off to lunch before I leave so they don't have to scramble while I'm gone.

I heard some interesting news this week. A lawmaker here in Iowa is going to resurrect a bill that failed to pass in 2013 to remove the current ban on fireworks. I'm curious to see what happens as apparently there was enough positive feedback last year that indicates such a proposal has a shot at passing.

Work hasn't been nearly as stressful today as it could have been, though the lab was a lot busier than I anticipated. All of the doctors must have been getting everyone in that they could so they could take a long weekend.

Thankfully, for me, we have a medium-sized cooler that allowed me to easily bring two meals worth of food. Bet you're wondering just what I had to eat now, aren't you? ;)

Scrambled eggs with green pepper, red onion, and seasoned ground beef
Monkey salad

Zucchini and ground beef
Cabbage salad with chili-infused olive oil
Steamed broccoli
1 apple

Leftover ribs from last night
Green salad with no dressing :(
2 boiled eggs
1 apple

I also broke down and bought a small bag of pistachios at work to get me through the mid-afternoon. They were quite tasty, but I'll have to be careful to avoid that sort of spending.

Have a fantastic weekend, and remember what the celebration is really about.

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