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Friday, August 3, 2012

G28K Week 3 Day 3

Ever been going through your exercise program and before you've even gotten halfway through you think you're already done? That was today for me. It's a frustrating feeling. However, to a large degree this can be overcome with willpower (I don't recommend forcing yourself through a lifting workout with a torn muscle, or something like that, though). Getting through my second and third running intervals was definitely a battle of the mind, yet I succeeded. Pushing through the increased speed the last five minutes of the fourth interval was also tough, but to my great happiness, I plowed ahead and made it to the end.

Times and speeds today:

0.00-5.00 - 3.7 mph
5.00-14.00 - 5.7 mph
14.00-15.00 - 4.0 mph
15.00-24.00 - 5.7 mph
24.00-25.00 - 4.0 mph
25.00-34.00 - 5.7 mph
34.00-35.00 - 4.0 mph
35.00-39.00 - 5.7 mph
39.00-42.00 - 6.0 mph
42.00-43.00 - 6.5 mph
43.00-43.30 - 7.0 mph
43.30-44.00 - 7.5 mph
44.00-45.00 - 4.0 mph
45.00-50.00 - 3.7 mph

My total distance, 4.35 miles. This translates to a one-mile pace of 11:29.

Depending on how I feel next week, I might be dropping my running speeds down a bit so I can be sure to get through the entire workout. I'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.

If it's hot where you're at (like it is here), please be safe if you're getting outside. In any case, I encourage you to take advantage of whatever time you have and get some movement in.

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