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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Did you wonder where I was?

So I've been a little lax with posting lately. I guess that's kinda okay since I was a little lax with exercising last week, too. I managed to get in two runs last week (4.79 and 4.87 miles), but that was it. Sometimes it's rough trying to get to the gym when I have a day off, which is why I didn't get my third run in.

This week, I got things started back up a little more the way I like it. Sunday night I did my Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps workout from P90X, and I think it's probably my least favorite upper body routine because of the various push-ups included (slow, fast and slow, one-arm, clapping/plyometric).

I got a run in Monday night, 4.88 miles, and was pretty tired at the end, so we'll see what happens tonight after work. Up until the last couple of runs, I'd been using 4.0 mph as my walking pace for warm-ups, cooldowns, and walking intervals. Now I've been using 4.2 mph as my interval speed, and I think that has helped my transitions. Tonight I'm going to try getting 5.7 mph on all of my runs (7 minutes each) and then 5.8 mph on Friday.

I was quite tired last night when I got home and opted to do P90X this morning. Today's routine was Back & Biceps, which I think is my absolute favorite upper body workout in the program. There was only one exercise I really didn't care for, the Superman, where you lie on your stomach with your arms stretched out, then you raise your arms and legs and hold for 10 seconds. I only got through it twice before the tweaking down my left leg got the better of me. Methinks it's time to get to the chiropractor again and see if I can get some of that taken care of.

So that's the news for now. Check back later this week for further updates.

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