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Friday, July 19, 2013


Hey gang!

Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long. I've been keeping busy, though perhaps not in the best of ways, as it hasn't been exercise keeping me out of the blogging world. I can definitely feel a difference, and not the good kind. I need to get back on the wagon...BAD!

This weekend I'm going to work on a plan to get things going again on Monday. It will need to be simple at first so I'm able to stick with it, and I encourage you all to get on my case if you don't see regular posts from me. I'm going to try and post every day after getting done with whatever I end up doing, but might occasionally do one post to cover two or three days if the timing of things doesn't work out quite right.

I've been thinking of getting involved at the NerdFitness site if for no other reason than to have an active community with which to interact and help keep me accountable.

Anyway, look forward to updates on the fitness front from me. I really do look forward to any and all comments, progress, set-backs, and whatnot that you might choose to share with me. We're all in the race, just not at the same point in the journey.

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